Discover a different side of Rottnest

Rottnest Island


You can’t go to Rottnest and not see possible the happiest animal, the Quokka. What other animal will happily pose for a selfie with you? Watch them in their natural habitat or try and get a selfie. Interested in learning more about them take a guided tour and learn some interesting facts about the Quokka's .


Rottnest has a deep and dark past. Did you know the island was used as an Aboriginal jail for nearly 100 years, or that the Island was set up to defend Perth in WWII. Discover more about the Islands history with free walking tours. Jump of the train and take a tour of the underground tunnels, see Rottnest keeps surprising you.

Sealing around

Encounter these New Zealand fur seals in their natural environment. Head to Cathedral Rocks, on the west side, and see the seals sunning themselves. The viewing platform is far enough away that you won’t disturb the seals and they won’t know your there, they’ll act like you’re not there.

Jump on a bike

Get ready for some sore legs. Why not hire some bikes and see some of the less popular places. With 63 beaches take you pick and experience your own private beach. Experience crystal clear water and watch out for those Quokka’s who will come and steal your food.

Just keep swimming

Explore what’s underneath the surface, hire some snorkels and see what you are missing out on. All sides of the island offers something different, from coral and tropical fish on the south; to the west with a variety of size and number of fish around you; for interesting reef structure; like caves and arches head to the north side. You won’t be disappointed wherever you choose.   

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