Do It Yourself Wills

A Will is one of the most important documents you will sign in your life, so it is absolutely essential you get it right. Whether you are thinking about the DIY option or the full legal appoinment at a law firm, you need to know all the facts.

The most imperative points is to have a will prepared from over the age of 18, ensure it is up to date and that it clearly reflects your wishes in within the legal requirements.

Due to the cost, many people avoid the law firm visit and opt for DIY Wills. While saving money, they are far too easy to get wrong. It is possible that your wishes could be contested and you need to be certain that your desires are water-tight.

The risks for DIY Wills

DIY Wills are so easy to get wrong. The tiniest mistake could open the Will up to be contested. Common mistakes are:

  • Being overly specific in your wishes
  • Legal formalities not met or adhered to
  • Not appointing an executor
  • Insisting on requirements for beneficiaries
  • Allocating assets not owned 
  • Handwriting illegible
  • Not allowing for changes in circumstances

HomeVisitWills Writing Service

If you choose the middle ground, Home Visit Wills are both affordable and will ensure your Will is water-tight. 

They Come to You
With Homevisitwills, you can choose the way that best suits you to make a will. By arranging a confidential home visit from one of their fully trained data collectors, you can benefit from making decisions in the comfort of your own home.

Their home visit will writing service is by far the most popular will writing service available. The visiting data collector will take the details of all your circumstances and this information then goes back to their fully qualified legal team for drafting.

Their Services
Wills – Simple and Complex
Enduring Power of Attorney
Enduring Power of Guardianship
Advanced Health Directive
Testamentary Trusts
Document Storage

Homevisitwills carry all the relevant business and professional indemnity insurances to protect both clients and team members alike. Homevisitwills are also an accredited member of Women Friendly Services. 

All of their team members demonstrate the highest standards of practice ensuring peace of mind to their clients.

Homevisitwills offer full training and ongoing professional development to all of their team members as they make their goal one to deliver the highest possible professional and ethical standards of service backed up by the very best training for all of their people.

If you wish to know more, visit their offer on our website or visit