12 Things to do before selling your house!

Reviewing your preparation can easily pay higher price dividends.

Below are 12 important things you need to do before selling your house.

1. Organise the cupboards & storage space.

2. Remove all dirty laundry. Keep current with your laundry or store all dirty laundry in a closed container.

3. Clean and polish the washer and dryer.

4. Consider adding an attractive, coordinated throw rug

5. Review the overall safety and looks of your stairs.

  • Lighting should be more than adequate, stairs must be clutter free, stair railing tight and secure, and runner or carpets tacked.
  • Remove any items from the surface of the stairs and store. Check the condition of the walls, and paint or re-wallpaper if necessary.
  • If the stairs are a focal point of the main living areas, carefully choose items to improve their visual appeal.
  • If you have a wide, gracious staircase, emphasise this feature by hanging a few pictures on the wall.
  • Draw attention to the lighting fixture by polishing the brass and dusting each small light bulb or crystal prism.

6. Make your bedroom look larger by painting it with a light colour.

  • Large master bedrooms are particularly popular among today’s home buyers. Minimise clutter to maximise spaciousness. Aim for a result subdued look.

7. An en-suite is a real sales plus. Decorate to coordinate with the colour scheme of your bedroom, creating the suite effect.

8. Virtually all buyers are looking for a house with plenty of cupboard space. Remove bulky items and clothes you don’t wear. Remove any items on the floor of the cupboard. This will make it seem more spacious.

9. All items in the cupboard must be kept clean and tidy. When prospective buyers open your cupboard door, they should be greeted with a whiff of fresh smelling air.

10. Make sure the cupboard lights are working, add battery operated lights to the cupboards that lack them. Lighted cupboards look bigger, are more attractive, and allow buyers to inspect the interiors easily.

11. Take the time to explain to your children.

  • Encourage them to participate in preparing your home for showing; particularly the principal of appealing to the widest possible market segment.
  • Ask your children’s cooperation in making their beds and tidying their rooms prior to showings.
  • Consider promising a special reward if they willingly participate in your house selling goals.
  • Have them pack up any items that are not currently in use and dispose of unused possessions.

12. Remove any crowded, unusual, or personal wall hanging and store them until your home is sold.

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